Legal Aid Grantees and Services Report: Definitions


Level of Service  Definition
Brief Services Legal counsel and advice and/or other brief service including drafting of simple legal documents and preparation of documents for client to use on a pro se basis. Please do not include information & referral numbers.
Representation without Litigation On behalf of individual clients: Extensive research, preparation of complex letters or other legal documents; negotiation with third parties; extensive transactional work.
Administrative Hearing Representation in formal proceedings and/or hearing before an administrative agency.
Full Representation Representation in court proceedings.
Category of Law Definition
Consumer/Utility Bankruptcy, debtor relief, collections, deficiency, garnishment, contracts, warranties, credit access, loans, installment purchase, unfair sales practice, repossession, and public utilities (including connections and shut-offs).
Education School-related issues, including access to special education programs.
Employment Job discrimination, wage claims and other work-related issues, excluding unemployment and workers’ compensation.
Family Dissolution of marriage, annulment, custody, visitation, child support, paternity, orders of protections, adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights. Also includes pursuit of SIJS predicate orders in state court.
Health Medicare, Medicaid, and other matters related to health insurance or access to health care.
Housing Landlord/tenant, federally subsidized housing, including public housing and Section 8/vouchers, home ownership, mortgage foreclosures, and real property.
Immigration Immigration, naturalization, asylum, deportation defense and related immigration matters, such as UVisa.
Individual Rights Rights of persons with mental, physical or developmental disabilities, rights of persons in institutions, civil rights of prisoners, and civil no-contact orders.
Juvenile Delinquency, neglect, or abuse matters.
Other Incorporation, licensing (auto and other), torts, wills and estates, name change, Indian and tribal law, and other matters that do not fall within the categories listed above.
Criminal Records Expungement, sealing, clemency, vacating cannabis convictions.
Public Benefits Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, Social Security, SSI, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits, black lung benefits.
Staff or Volunteer Sort each closed case into as either “Staff” if it was handled by lawyers or paralegals who are paid employees of your organization, or “Volunteer” if it was handled primarily by lawyers or paralegals who are not paid employees of your organization.

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